Where Is Sports Betting Legal?

Where Is Sports Betting Legal?

Since 2018, 36 states have allowed sports betting, and three more may follow suit this year.

Thirty-four years after Rose was expelled from MLB, sports betting is now allowed in 36 states. (As of now, 33 states are running their programs, but three more still need to do so.) Currently, there are 26 states where mobile sports betting is permitted, up from 18 in January 2022.

And the states that permit it to see financial benefits from legalized gaming. According to the American Gaming Association, Americans legally wagered $73 billion on sports in the first ten months of 2022, an increase of 70{842a2bbe804bbcb6e53ebcd1678383b9843a0213ae6bf2c0a3649d26ab3d113d} from last year. Sports betting businesses made $5.77 billion off those bets, a 78{842a2bbe804bbcb6e53ebcd1678383b9843a0213ae6bf2c0a3649d26ab3d113d} increase from the previous year, while states and the federal government likely made $1.3 billion.

U.S. Legal Sports Betting

As existing state markets mature and new ones are introduced, Clark anticipates that 2023 will be another year of records. He predicts that “we’ll see [legislative] movement in probably nine or ten states.”

However, fewer won’t likely become legal this year. Several MPs introduce legislation and contest, and the political process is drawn out. He claims that “each of these markets takes a properly calibrated approach.” The only states that still forbid sports betting are the three largest—California, Florida, and Texas.


Early in January, Kentucky lawmakers introduced a bill to authorize sports betting (in-person and mobile).


The Minnesota Senate rejected a plan last year that would have given Native American tribes control over the state’s regulated sports betting market. The Rep. A similar law will be submitted soon, according to the bill’s proponent Zack Stephenson, who spoke to the website Legal Sports Report. According to Stephenson, there will be some minor adjustments, but nothing is currently public. Regarding mobility, the first language will likely be used in around two weeks.

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Missouri legislators have made legalizing sports betting a top priority for this year. Nearly all of the surrounding states, including Arkansas, Illinois, Iowa, and Kansas, have legalized sports betting. According to Jonathan Patterson, the majority leader of the state’s house, passing legislation is crucial for the state.

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